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Kaki Kahl has enjoyed a decade’s long and successful career in Kansas City real estate. She enjoy watching the real estate market in Kansas City evolve and the changing landscape of real estate value, and what it means to her clients. Known as positive, and upbeat, Kaki is responsive, knowledgeable and success driven when it comes to making her clients real estate needs a priority. 

Kaki works all over Kansas City with clients with a variety of needs and expectations. The relationships Kaki has with mortgage lenders, title companies and tradespeople help to guide her clients through the process of buying and selling a home with ease. Kakis favorite thing is to negotiate and put results ahead of ego. 

After a childhood in Houston and Colorado Springs, Kaki attended the University of Kansas. She has lived in Kansas City for the last 30 years. Kaki is active in her Old Leawood community and a known community volunteer. In her spare time Kaki loves to travel with her husband, John and their two grown daughters. 

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